1) What BEST describes the purpose of a Lessons Log?

  1. C) Document information from other projects which could be input to the project’s strategies and plans

2) In PRINCE2, what is an output of a project?

B) Any of its tangible or intangible specialized products

3) What role is responsible for managing the information flows between the directing and delivering levels of the project?

A) Project Manager

4) What situation would cause an Issue Report to be produced?

B) It is only created for those issues that need to be handled formally

5) What role can the Project Manager NOT perform?

B) Project Assurance

6) What describes a favorable impact on objectives, also known as an opportunity?

  2. B) It is possible that the product completes user acceptance testing in a single test cycle rather that the scheduled two

7) What BEST describes a purpose of the Benefits Review Plan?

  1. A) Used to define how and when a measurement of the project’s benefits can be made

8) What process has the specific objective to ensure there is a business justification for initiating the project?


  1. C) Starting Up a Project

9) What is a purpose for the Closing a Project process?

  1. A) Provide a fixed point at which acceptance for the project product is confirmed

10) What role cannot be shared?


  1. C) Executive

11) When is the Stage Plan for project initiation is produced?


  1. B) Before the Project Board authorize the initiation of the project



12) What is the purpose of the Progress theme?

  1. B) To establish mechanisms to monitor and control what has happened against what is planned

13) What product establishes the baseline against which the project’s actual performance is compared?


  1. C) Project Initiation Documentation

14) What process controls the link between the Project Manager and the Team Manager?


  1. C) Managing Product Delivery

15) Which is NOT a purpose of a Product Description?


  1. B) Define the quality skills required to check the product

16) What can a Project Board control?


  1. B) Stage-level tolerance

17) What is NOT a purpose of a Product Description?

  1. B) Records the quality results of the stage

18) What role has the specific responsibility for briefing non-technical management on supplier aspects of the project?


  1. C) Senior Supplier

19) What is an objective of the Directing a Project process?


  1. D) To ensure there is authority to deliver the project’s products

20) What is NOT a type of issue?

  1. A) Concession

21) What BEST describes the purpose of Starting up a Project process?

  1. A) Provide the information required for the Project Board to decide whether it is worthwhile initiating the project

22) What role is responsible for briefing corporate or program management about project progress?


  1. C) Project Board

23) What product would be at the center of any impact assessment of risks, issues, and changes?


  1. B) Business Case

24) What factor is NOT considered when defining management stages?


  1. B) When Team Managers are available

25) What step would involve sending information regarding any threats or opportunities to an external interested party?

  1. B) Communicate


26) What product is the acceptance criteria documented inside of?

  1. A) Project Product Description

27) What task is NOT carried out as part of product-based planning?

  1. B) Identify activities and dependencies

28) What plans can the Project Manager approve?

  1. B) Team Plan

29) What BEST describes something that should be provided by the project, but currently is not being provided?


  1. C) Off-specification

30) What product is NOT routinely produced as part of the Managing a Stage Boundary process?


  1. C) Exception Plan

31) What is the supplier’s responsibility within the customer/supplier environment?


  1. B) Ensure the resources are made available to deliver the required result

32) What is a characteristic of a project compared to that of business operations?

  1. B) Introduces business change

33) What level of management in the project management team has the ability to review progress and decide whether to continue, change, or stop the project?

  1. B) Project Board

34) What department should a forecast breach of benefits tolerance be referred to?

  1. D) Corporate or program management

35) What role has the specific responsibility for identifying and advising the Project Manager of any issues and risks associated with a Work Package?


  1. B) Team Manager

36) What is NOT a valid risk response to threats?

  1. C) Enhance

37) What choice below would NOT be classified as a threat to a project?


  1. B) It is possible that the product completes user acceptance testing in a single test cycle rather that the two scheduled test cycles

38) When producing an Exception Plan for a stage, what would require the Quality Register to be updated?

  1. B) To add details of any new quality management activities planned

39) What is the third interest (along with User and Supplier) that represent the three primary stakeholder interests that must be represented on the Project Board at all times?

  1. B) Business

40) What process contains a review of the performance of the project against its baselines?

  1. B) Closing a Project

41) What is an objective of the Managing Product Delivery process?


  1. C) To ensure the planned products are delivered to expectations and within tolerance

42) What is NOT one of the three levels of plan?

  1. C) Benefits Review

43) What process has the purpose of taking action to ensure the stage remains within tolerance?

  1. B) Controlling a Stage

44) What product confirms the version numbers of all products being developed within a given stage?

  1. B) Stage Plan

45) What BEST shows the scope of a plan?


  1. B) The related plan’s product breakdown structure

46) What product would the Project Manager update to show that progress has been made by documenting the information about the progress received on a Work Package?

  1. B) Stage Plan

47) Fill in the blank: For a project to start and carry on, a PRINCE2 principle states that a project must have __________”

  1. B) Continued business justification

48) What product would be at the center of any impact assessments of risks, issues, and changes in a project?

  1. B) Business Case

49) What is NOT a purpose of the Benefits Review Plan?


  1. C) Define the project in order to form the basis for its management and an assessment of its overall success

50) What PRINCE2 principle does every project organizational structure need to have?

  1. A) Defined and agreed roles and responsibilities with an organization structure that engages the business, user, and supplier primary stakeholder interests

51) How should a Team Manager inform the Project Manager if a Work Package is forecast to exceed its tolerances?

  1. C) Raise an issue

52) What BEST describes when an Issue Report would be produced?

  1. B) It is only created for those issues that need to be handled formally

53) What is the purpose of the Risk Management Strategy?

  1. D) Describes the techniques and standards to be applied and the responsibilities for achieving effective risk management procedures

54) What is the Configuration Management Strategy purpose?

  1. B) Provide details of the current state and version of each configuration item

55) What BEST defines a product’s quality tolerance?

  1. B) Product Description

56) What product would best answer the question, “Is an investment in this project still worthwhile?”

  1. A) Business Case

57) What BEST describes the purpose of a Business Case?

  1. B) Helps to establish whether the project is achievable

58) What action should be done during the initiation stage?

  1. B) Establish who needs information, when, and in what format

59) What is NOT an event-driven control?

  1. A) Highlight Report

60) What BEST describes the main purpose of the Directing a Project process?

  1. A) Enable the Project Board to exercise overall control of a project

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